Our external service. We strive to increase the level of tax literacy in the community by offering training and help raise awareness of our tax filing service to Canadians at an early age.


Our social service. Dedicated to client service, we follow tax law compliance and use tax opportunities to preserve the benefits and financial entitlements for over 1,000 SFU clients.


Our internal service. Our team is committed to training volunteers to help them gain tax expertise to provide exceptional client service within our community. The experienced tax-filing students will ensure client needs are met by providing one on one support.

The SFU Tax Program, “Students Offering Support” is a non-profit student-run initiative that provides support and assistance to SFU students and low-income individuals in filing their Canadian tax returns. The Tax Program is a great opportunity for volunteers to gain experience and give back to the community by learning and applying knowledge about the Canadian Taxation Rules. For our clients, we preserve the tax benefits and financial entitlements as well as provide peace of mind by meeting tax-filing obligations.

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Deadline extended to 11:59pm March 2nd, 2018!

Deadline extended to 11:59pm Friday, March 9th, 2018! We have extended the deadline by one week!

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